Elias Högberg – Senior Consultant at Web Guide Partner

I worked with William on a couple of projects at WGP. William was the head of SEO and was highly appreciated by the team. William is reliable, professional and pedagogic. One thing I really appreciated was his ability to drive projects forward with a solution-oriented focus. In addition to strong leadership skills, William is a highly competent SEO, both technically and strategically, and always has an eye on the business benefits

Teresa Hedlund – CMO SE/FI at Canal Digital

Williams’ broad expertise in digital marketing combined with a great personality makes him a wonderful colleague. He gladly shares his knowledge, is a clear communicator and always delivers on target. He is structured, goal-oriented and forward-thinking. On top of that, he is a fun person to be around. Any company would be lucky to have him.

Pontus Sandberg – CEO at Global Rev Corp

William is one of the most competent and engaged coworkers I have had the pleasure to work with. He always took his time to help with difficult tasks and share his SEO insights when we worked together. No matter the SEO task or client William takes on, I am convinced he will produce great results.

Frida Åhlén – CEO | Co-Founder at Always On Media

Me and William worked together at Web Guide Partner during three years. Working together with William is always a pleasure and he is a very talented consultant. William has a high level of knowledge of SEO and digital marketing. He was our Head of SEO at the company and I have a lot to thank William for when it comes to my role as a SEO consultant. William is always very positive and very kindhearted and a real team player. I will give him my best recommendations and looking forward to work with him again in the future.

Brian Thornton – SEM/SEO Traffic Manager at Electrolux

I have worked with William for a few years on many projects. William is an excellent SEO with a great understanding of the balance between business needs and the actions required to achieve results.
He is very structured and is able to communicate complex technical SEO requirements to any level of an organization. William is a great colleague and recommends him highly.

Alex Kjellbris – Web Analys & Videographer at Kjellbris Consulting

Professionalism and the right amount of characteristic attitude is something that William possesses.
I have had the honor of graduate, making two long internship periods, a summer job and working under the same employer together with William. And it has truly been a fun and motivational time. I have worked very closely with William on several projects, and his ability to always move things forward and just make them happen is really something that I find impressive.
William is really genuine down to earth person that suits well in all kind of work environments. It is a pleasure to have him as a colleague and friend. I highly recommend him for any position within the area of digital marketing.

Joakim Trolle – Head of SEO at Valtech

William is a great colleague and a competent SEO consultant who proved his analytic skills and curiosity after a very successful internship.
He is driven by enthusiasm, which is key in the SEO industry. Both his work and presence is highly appreciated by clients and colleagues.
I will recommend William for most SEO related jobs but I hope he stays because he is highly needed.

Daniel Norin – Digital Business Developer at Bonnier Publications AB

I had the chance to mentor William at Web Guide Partner during his internship and was more than pleased with his progress!
William is a swift learner with a great passion for online marketing. One of his strongest qualities is his self driven way of working. He asks for help in an iterative way but does want to find out a good solution himself for the problem.
William is very all-round both when it comes to the technical and the overall knowledge of digital marketing, and how to connect important actions/decisions in an optimal way to reach the goal.