William Hollingworth

SEO & Digital marketing

    William Hollingworth

    Big interest and passion in digital in general. Currently working as Nordic Marketing Web Manager at Nordnet Bank AB and as a freelancing consultant at Hiroy.


    Senior SEO
    March 2018 – 

    Nordnet Bank
    Nordnet Bank AB

    Nordic Marketing Web Manager
    Januari 2019 – 

    Responsible for SEO, Conversion and CMS in the Nordics. On-going optimization towards traffic-, conversion- and engagement

    Nordic SEO Manager
    Februari 2018 – December 2018

    Responsible for the SEO at Nordnet Bank AB and Shareville in the Nordics

    Web Guide Partner
    Web Guide Partner

    Web Guide Partner is a digital partner that works with medium to large sized companies on a global level and optimizing their online business. Within the channels SEO, SEM, web analytics, business intelligence, CRO and social media.

    Head of SEO
    Augusti 2017 – Februari 2018
    Arbetsområden som Head of SEO:
    – Asvarar för vårt SEO-team
    – Leder produktutvecklingen av SEO
    – Arbetar och leder större kunder
    – Delaktig i ledningsgruppen
    – SEO-rekrytering

    Senior SEO Consultant
    December 2016 – Augusti 2017

    As Senior SEO Consultant I am coaching junior consultants and work with some of the bigger clients both on a strategic level with long term results and goals. Which means a lot of planning, educate the client and working very close with different departments in organizations.
    I am often included in platform migrations. Which is very technical. My responsibility here from a SEO perspective is to maintain and increase digital visibility and traffic in a successful way when migrating.

    I also do some work with the product development. Such as developing how we can optimize the work within the SEO-team for our clients and products. Also with some technical development with our tools and product range for SEO.

    SEO Consultant
    April 2014 – December 2016

    Webdeveloper/designer @ Dioniq
    Januari 2006 – Augusti 2013

    Building, updating and SEO for WordPress and Joomla websites

    Administrator @ Boxer TV-Access.
    Maj 2012 – April 2013

    Handling agreements and invoices

    Administrator @ The Walt Disney Company
    Juli 2009 – Maj 2012
    Part time worked with a invitation list for gala premieres


    – Google Analytics Individual Qualification
    – Google AdWords Advanced Search
    – Google AdWords Advertising Fundamentals
    – BrightEdge Certified Professional


    Oneline Marketing – 2013 – 2014
    – Search Engine Optimization/SEO
    – Search Engine Marketing/SEM
    – Digital advertisement
    – Web development
    – Web analytics
    – Content marketing
    – E-mail marketing
    – Conversion Optimization/CRO